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Crypto Trading Option Review

I am not an MLM team-builder – I found a viable crypto trading option and am sharing my experience so others can learn. Last year I invested in three crypto trading option platforms that seemed worthwhile; Trade Coin Club and USI-Tech were the first two.  While the former started out on the right foot, greed quickly overtook owners of that platform and while I did recoup my initial investment, in the end, I was forced to convert Bitcoin profits into their own scamcoin. The jury is still out on the latter, as I haven’t “lost” my initial investment – but it is stuck in a new repayment-limbo status and cannot be withdrawn…yet.  Thankfully, I bought Bitcoin when the price was around $1K, did not invest a large sum, and haven’t lost any money.

The whole experience with both of these platforms was disappointing but certainly educational.  If I learned anything, it is to look for and recognize certain red flags. I have helped many others abandoned by their so-called “team leaders” navigate the systems and attempt to recover their investment. Frankly, I am appalled at how many will simply say anything to get a signup and earn a commission without offering guidance or educating newcomers to the risks of cryptocurrency.

Titan Trade Club is the third crypto trading option I joined and it has turned out to be the most reliable platform.  I’ve been a Titan member since Aug 2017, successfully trading Bitcoin. The fees are reasonable, withdrawals timely, and trade results profitable. Titan Trade Club is an actual “trading club” in which members’ deposited funds are traded by expert traders using a combination of skills and automated bots. Since August, I have earned a trading return every single day – 5 days a week – without fail. Yes, there have been a few system updates that delayed trading a day or two – but being a web developer, this was never a concern for me. Trade income has been consistent and sustainable – not some whacky get-rich-quick scheme or the offering of any scamcoin tokens. Titan is just a club organized so inexperienced crypto-investors can increase their cryptocurrency through auto- trading. I am in close contact with organizers of the club, who remain responsive and accessible. Changes have resulted in benefits to members – not detriments, like the other two platforms.

Titan is the only crypto trading option into which I invested a considerable sum. It took about 122 days (out of 261) to recoup my original investment. The way it works is you deposit funds and each trading day you receive a portion of that original deposit back. The amounts earned each day vary, as trading results vary. You can withdraw as often as you like, but the fees are higher for small amounts. I withdraw weekly. Once your original investment is recouped, trade receipts for the remainder of your contract are pure profit. You have the option to open new contracts (1-year each) if you decide to reinvest earnings or deposit outside funds. The platform dashboard is easy to understand and navigate.

I joined this crypto trading option to acquire Bitcoin without having to buy it, and that is exactly what I am accomplishing. Those who invite others to join receive affiliate commissions and bonuses. I am not generally comfortable encouraging others to participate, thus my earnings and rate of return have been based strictly on passive automated trading.  I literally do nothing but log in and check the earnings. I do not fret about the daily price of Bitcoin because I earn each day, regardless of the price.

New ETH Crypto Trading Option

This brings me to the point of this post – there is a new crypto trading option that launched this week on the Titan platform for Ethereum. For many, the price of Bitcoin is out of reach and investments with amounts less than about half a Bitcoin are simply not that profitable. Ethereum is more affordable and seems to be an altcoin with good growth potential. While the entire crypto-market prices are down at the time of this writing, many are confident cryptocurrency will increase in value over time. I share that belief, as do the Titan Club organizers, and release of a new Ethereum crypto trading option opens the opportunity for entry at a much lower level. You can learn more details on my personal TitanTrader website.

The Club offers four entry levels, same as the Bitcoin trading options – but the cost of ETH is currently $688 vs. $9K+ for BTC. Will Ethereum reach higher levels? Probably. Could we look back on Ethereum prices this time next year and be amazed at the increase as we have with Bitcoin? Quite possibly. Could the price be lower than it is currently? Yes, it could – that is the risk taken.

While my goal remains the same, to acquire Bitcoin – the new Ethereum crypto trading option gives me another avenue for acquisition. I can roll my ETH trading profits into BTC, or diversify with a different crypto-coin to increase my portfolio for the future.

Other Crypto Trading Options

I’ve only been involved in the crypto-space a little over a year – and there has been a lot to learn. The crypto-space is complicated and participation as a trader requires research, constant monitoring of news events, the ability to read chart technical analyses, and true grit to say the least! I’ve dabbled as a trader and have had some small successes, but I found it to be very stressful. My inexperience prevents me from trading enough to make a decent profit – nothing compared to the consistent returns as a Titan member. The fact is, there is no way I could do as well as the Club traders have done on my behalf with zero stress or effort. I am willing to take the risk that Titan Trade Club will continue to prosper, and I see no “red flags” to the contrary at this time.

I certainly am not looking for other MLM platform options, as most are controlled by greed – that has become painfully obvious. I continue to assist new friends in this space who get caught up in other platforms, and I want no part of them. My advice is to understand the motive behind invitations to join is usually to get a commission – not to educate or assist your efforts.

I advise crypto-newcomers to “buy and hold” for the most part – but there are some who research to understand the risk/reward potential and are looking to increase acquisition as I am doing. There are no guarantees and yes, several platforms have folded and walked away with everyone’s funds. There is a risk, no doubt. But being a Titan Trade Club member is a risk that has paid off and I think it will continue to do so. I am happy to answer questions from anyone interested in my experience as a member, and should you decide to participate – I will sponsor and guide you. The choice must be your own, as I am merely sharing my thoughts in this honest crypto trading option review.

  1. You sign up as a member under your sponsor and choose an entry level that meets your goals, budget, and comfort level.
  2. You create a new 1-year contract and make your initial deposit to fund the account.
  3. You complete the KYC documentation required to verify your account.
  4. After the account is verified, trading begins (usually takes about 7 working days, depending on the number of new members).
  5. Log in to check your dashboard and track daily earnings.
  6. Make withdrawals at your discretion as returns are earned.

The cost to join is 0.15 ETH – a one-time admin, trading, and mining fee, plus whatever amount you choose to invest.  

There are no fees paid on the daily trade earnings.

Qualifying members – those who invite and sponsor other members – pay a matrix fee each month, but also earn commissions and bonuses. Those who passively trade do not pay a matrix fee.

Withdrawal fees for Bitcoin are:

  • Fees on 0.009 BTC to 0.0199 are 23%
  • Fees on 0.02 BTC to 0.0299 are 15%
  • Fees on 0.03 BTC to 0.0499 are 9%
  • Fees on 0.05 BTC and greater are 6%

I suspect the fees for Ethereum withdrawals will be similar. Obviously, it is not as profitable to withdraw small amounts as the fee is higher. But if a member needs to do so, the option is available.

Your initial deposit is a guarantee to remain a member for a period of 1-year. It is important to understand the concept of the “Club” – you cannot withdraw your initial deposit.  You commit to allowing it to run its course and earn daily trade receipts, as well as commissions and bonuses if you invite others to participate. It is this commitment of all members that make the platform sustainable. Please do not join if you do not want to commit your funds for one year!

Each new deposit requires a new 1-year contract. Once a contract has completed, you will have RECEIVED your initial deposit PLUS profits through daily returns and that contract expires. Any subsequent contracts opened will continue until they expire.

For example:

  1. Initial deposit of 3.01 BTC or ETH opens a 1-year contract.
  2. That amount is traded on my behalf 5-days a week as a GOLD member.
  3. I can withdraw the earnings from those daily trades, OR I can use them to open a new 1-year contract with 2.0 BTC or ETH.
  4. If a new contract is opened, the new amount trading on my behalf is 5.01 BTC or ETH at Titanium level.
  5. My daily earnings increase.
  6. The original contract expires, and I have received the initial 3.01 BTC or ETH I deposited, plus profits.
  7. The second contract is still in effect, but the amount trading is now 2.0 BTC or ETH – at SILVER level.
  8. My daily earnings decrease accordingly.
  9. I deposit funds to create a third 1-year contract with 1.01 BTC or ETH.
  10. Because of the increase to 3.01 BTC or ETH – I now trade again at GOLD level until the second contract expires.
  11. …and so on unless I allow all contracts to expire.

It depends on the market and trades. No one can answer this for certain with real trading. This is why platforms that give fixed returns fail within months – because they are not legitimately trading and run out of new recruits to feed that unsustainable fixed amount stated.

Thought, preparation and strategy go into every trade. The experts use their skills along with automated algorithms to make small trades all day long to earn profits.  Experts put in a lot of research before a purchase is made – to look at potential coins to consider, upcoming news, features, purpose, and then analyze charts.  All the due diligence that most of us lack the experience or time to execute.

Members who do not understand this are confused when daily earnings are not posted immediately at the end of every day. There are times when trades cannot be profitably exited at the end of the day.  On those days posting does not occur – but gains will post for several days at once when the trades are exited.

Results will depend on your individual deposit amounts, so identify your goals and budget. That said – it has been my experience that less than 0.5 BTC or ETH is not very profitable.

Based on personal experience, a deposit of:

  • 0.50 BTC or ETH has potential to gross 0.809100 BTC or ETH – for a net gain of 0.309100 BTC or ETH
  • 1.01 BTC or ETH has potential to gross 1.781325 BTC or ETH – for a net gain of 0.771325 BTC or ETH
  • 3.01 BTC or ETH has potential to gross 5.572324 BTC or ETH – for a net gain of 2.562324 BTC or ETH
  • 5.01 BTC or ETH has potential to gross 9.807075 BTC or ETH – for a net gain of 4.797075 BTC or ETH

PLEASE UNDERSTAND _ there are no guarantees!  I am not posting this data to encourage or discourage, nor are these results to be considered financial advice.  I am merely sharing personal results to give a factual and honest review of my membership experience.  I personally have two accounts – mine at Titanium level, and my spouse’s at Bronze level (with only a 0.05 BTC deposit) – so I can report accurately. Lower levels receive less in daily gains due to different stop-loss levels, but not lower than 0.60% in my experience.

Account daily earnings on average:

  • BRONZE = 0.60% to 0.62%
  • SILVER = 0.64% to 0.66%
  • GOLD = 0.70% to 0.72%
  • TITANIUM = 0.73% to 0.75%

Note: I am assuming ETH gains will be the same percentages as BTC gains. It is quite possible since ETH will trade against BTC, that gains could be higher.

Crypto Trading Option - Honest Review of Titan Trade Club
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This is the only platform joined that continues to perform as expected. Please click to learn the details.

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