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The Club Advantage

Benefits of Trade Coin Club (TCC) Membership

Trade Bitcoin - Learn How with BitcoinPam

Should You Trade Bitcoin?

Many of us new to the crypto-space ask ourselves if we should trade bitcoin – or other alt coins for that matter.  If you invest in bitcoin, and hold it in your wallet – the amount of bitcoin never increases. While the price of bitcoin fluctuates with the market – at the end of the day, the amount of bitcoin you own remains the same. Additionally, you’ll probably stress over the price of bitcoin daily.

The Trade Coin Club (TCC) offers the opportunity to INCREASE your bitcoin through passive trading and/or team referral commissions and bonuses. While there are no guarantees of exact returns or gains you will earn if you trade bitcoin, the potential is a realistic 20%-40% gain over the life of the agreement term, depending on how much you invest and if you follow “Best Practices” throughout the term. So how is the Trade Coin Club making a profit? By using Trading software, and trading the top 10 cryptocurrencies daily. Club members make returns in bitcoin regardless of whether the price of bitcoin (or other 9 digital currencies traded) goes up, or down. The idea of trading the top 10 performing cryptocurrencies in itself is brilliant.

It generally takes approximately 108 days to “break even” through trading – leaving the remainder of the agreement term to earn a profit and increase the amount of bitcoin initially deposited. Using the TCC trade system software to trade bitcoin plus the top 10 altcoins is not without cost, and the cost involved is what gives the system sustainability and separates it from so-called “bitcoin doubler” programs.

Bitcoin Doublers are regarded as the highest risk of all the different “High Yield Investment Programs” (HYIPs) that exist. This is mainly due to the high payout and consequent short life span, but other factors include bad management, greedy administration, poor server setups which are unable to handle high traffic loads, or API problems which prevent investing and payouts. The high-yield percentage varies, but can be anywhere from 0.1% per day to over 100% per day. Compared to cash deposits, which may return 2% per year, and you can understand the appeal. But BEWARE: All HYIPs are SCAMS – they will all unplug at some time and disappear with your money – do NOT be fooled by any of the promises on the website home page. They are true Ponzi Schemes.

Regardless of the promise of what is stated – HYIPs simply take investors money, dump it into one pile, and then pay early investors the promised interest from the pile. As more and more investors come onboard, the pile continues to grow – and when their goal is reached, they disappear with the pile of money. Obviously, you lose if you didn’t get out in time.

Trade Bitcoin with BitcoinPamThe TCC offers an opportunity to auto trade bitcoin and gain slow earnings with low daily returns averaging about 1.5% daily for most members. Some trading days are better with returns a lot higher, other days are lower. There is no guarantee of what the returns will be, as it is based on actual trading by a system generating thousands of micro-transactions, trading the top 10 cryptocurrencies to generate profit every second, hour and day – something is is humanly impossible to perform. Members do not put their bitcoins at risk because of a “stop loss” feature of the trader. Members do not receive bitcoin deposited back after the agreement ends, but rather earn it back over time in the daily earnings which may be withdrawn at any time upon request. This opportunity is a year-long commitment, at the end of which, a good realistic return is realized.

Members benefit passively with daily returns on their investment, as well as by choosing to refer others into the program to earn commissions and bonuses. Commissions and bonuses can greatly increase earnings, but it is not a requirement to team build. While there are three levels for members, “Apprentice” level members should consider transitioning to Trader or Senior Trader level quickly in order to realize the greatest potential. Apprentice level is for “learning” – not “earning” – in our opinion.  Click here to learn more about how to trade bitcoin as a TCC member – all the info, FAQs, company data, etc.

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