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Trade Club Best Practices

Helpful Tips & Insights for Existing and Potential Members
as learned by actual members

Sharing best practices, insights and lessons learned is what this site is about.  The Trade Club is not a “bitcoin doubler” – it is a trading club designed to be sustainable so club members can continue to realize good returns into the future – not just for a few weeks or months.  If you’re looking to “double your bitcoins” – you need to understand, that will not happen just by joining.  If you work to build a team, you could easily more than double, triple or quadruple your initial investment – the limits are entirely up to you.

Members not interested in team-building use the system to earn bitcoin as passive traders – with no affiliate participation required.  Contrary to many so-called “reviews” – you DO NOT have bring in members to earn returns on your investment as a member.  Yes, commissions for team building are impressive – but returns realized from passive auto-trading are also great compared to fiat interest rates.

Bitcoin deposited earns daily returns in the form of more bitcoin.  At the end of that term, how much will more bitcoin be worth?

TCC Best PracticesFor example: suppose you buy 1 BTC at a rate of $3,700 – and earn returns that result in 1.4 BTC by the end of the year.  And suppose bitcoin is worth $5,500 by the end of your term?  You now have bitcoin worth $7,700.  Had you held your 1 BTC in an exchange – you’d have $5,500.  Had you held the $3,700 in the bank, you’d have $3,700 plus maybe a few more dollars in interest.

Obviously, we don’t know how much bitcoin will be worth and, granted, it could be worth less than what you paid in a year.  We also don’t know how much the auto-trader is going to earn, as each day it is different.  As a member, I am seeing good returns every day.

There is risk with any investment, and there are reasons why you should not invest what you cannot afford to lose.  This is true for any investment – not just bitcoin.

So – consider joining a trading club with your eyes wide open. If you feel a 20%-40% return on your investment _ of which there is no guarantee _ is a risk worth taking, great!  Click here and learn how to join today

You will be welcomed and assisted on the BitcoinPam Team 🙂

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