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What is the Trade Coin Club

Trade Coin Club (TCC) is a membership club created to allow anyone to trade in the market of digital coins using specialized software. No trader skills are needed, entry level requires nominal investment, three levels of risk are offered, two methods of earning potential, and one can realize automated gains through daily trade on one’s behalf.

Before you consider becoming a member of the TCC, you should educate yourself on cryptocurrency, and the risks.  Then – if you think you’d like to jump on what appears to be a fast-moving train that might represent the future of currency – learn all about the options joining TCC offers and decide if it is something you want to participate in.  If it is, maybe you’ll find details of my adventure into bitcoin trading helpful 🙂

The TCC might not be for everyone, but for me it is a fun way to get involved and trade Bitcoin.  I love that the TCC software does the trading for me.  I’ve already realized gains – and proven that I can withdraw those gains if I want to.  Be sure to explore the options and make your own decision.

Why did I join the Trade Coin Club?

  • Because I am interested in Bitcoin
  • Because I have disposable income I can afford to risk – losing it would not break me
  • Because I would prefer disposable income be used to make me more money
  • Because I believe Bitcoin will continue to increase in value
  • Because I want to benefit financially when Bitcoin becomes mainstream
  • Because I would like to acquire Bitcoin without having to “buy” it
  • Because “trading” Bitcoin and using gains is an easy way to acquire it
  • Because I know nothing about “trading” and TCC does it for me automatically
  • Because I trust the friends who introduced me to TCC, and they trust TCC
  • Because I love making “passive income” – (what’s not to love about that?)
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