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Trading Bitcoin

Joining a bitcoin trading platform allows anyone to trade in the market of digital coins with little or no skills in the trading world. As a member trading since Feb 2017, my experience shows that few trading platforms actually deliver significant gains unless you build a team under you in order to earn commissions.

How I Started Trading Bitcoin

Evaluate the Possibilities for Yourself

I never thought about trading bitcoin until introduced to a “trading club” by a good friend/colleague – someone whose opinion I value.  I researched bitcoin for several days and then joined.  The membership fee and initial BTC amount was low enough for my comfort level, the obligation started at virtually zero with a ton of growth potential, and there was no recruiting requirement.  I believed the Club offered the best opportunity I could find to become familiar with Bitcoin, have some fun learning to trade bitcoin, but make some money also.  I entered as an “apprentice”, but quickly worked my way up to “senior trader” by reinvesting earnings and depositing a little more bitcoin. I loved that trading was handled 100% by the automated system and I didn’t need to be an expert – a huge plus. My initial deposit started earning returns right away, and I’ve tracked the gains minus the fees in copious detail on daily spreadsheets. 

Since joining, Bitcoin has gone up and down, but mostly up. I have learned to understand the crypto-markets, read trends, and follow technical analysis. This knowledge gave me the confidence to make some very profitable trades on my own and I am now also following and “copying” some expert traders. I still have a lot to learn, but the best decision I ever made was getting involved in the crypto-space!

Trade BTC or ETH


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